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5 $ - Click to Order

Easter April 20th

Pastel basket with 15 pieces of fresh fruit, Nikki's cookies and Easter candy. Fun for the whole family!

EASTER-1 $29.95 - Click to Order
(Shown in photo)
EASTER-B $32.95 - Click to Order
(add small sheep plush animal )

Administrative Professionals Day April 23, 2014

Filled with Wisconsin Gourmet Double Cheddar Popcorn, Caramel Corn & Triple Kettle Mix, two thirst quenching 16 oz Sprecher Root Beers and two yummy chocolate, caramel & nut cow pies.

dcp-1 $24.95 - Click to Order

Fruit & Cookies Mother's Day May 11

Fresh fruit (14 pieces) with delicious variety of cookies including the famous English Toffee dipped in chocolate. Great gift to send get well wishes.

CF1 $36.95 - Click to Order
(shown in photo)
CF-2 $48.95 - Click to Order
(bigger basket with 24 pieces of fruit)

Back the Pack!

Send your favorite football fan this fun gift filled with green & gold Jelly Bellys, candy covered pretzels, Sprecher Root Beer, sausage, beef snack stick, cookies, cheese shaped like football helmet, Green Bay Puddles, coffee and a cheese stress wedge

PK-1 $42.95 - Click to Order
PK-FR $55.95 - Click to Order
(same basket with fruit added)

The Favorite

All fresh fruit. 20 pieces

R6 $29.95 - Click to Order
(shown in photo)
RC-6 $33.50 - Click to Order
(with a bag of hard candy)

Deluxe Centerpiece

Wisconsin cheese, sausage, crackers, deluxe nuts, cookies, Ghirardelli chocolates, 13-14 pieces of fresh fruit. Daily delivery in Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs. Nationwide delivery.

st-cs $45.95 - Click to Order

Deluxe Cheese and Sausage

This executive gift is sure to please. A great variety of Wisconsin's cheese and sausage, crackers, mustard and two varieties of cheese spreads. This gift is ready to be enjoyed as soon as it arrives.

C-40 $59.95 - Click to Order

The Thank You

This gift is the perfect mix of fruit, deluxe mixed nuts, cheese, sausage, crackers, jam and sprinkles of candy arranged in a lovely basket. Great for any occasion! {Grapes for local Deliveries only}

JT-S $36.95 - Click to Order
JT-SC $39.95 - Click to Order
(with chocolates)

Fruitful Delights

Overflowing with all fresh fruit. This basket is sure to wow! Made fresh daily by dedicated caring employees who make the Fruit Ranch your #1 choice for fruit & gift baskets. {Grapes for local deliveries only}

OP-M $47.00 - Click to Order
(shown in photo)
OP-S $32.00 - Click to Order
(same style with less fruit)
OP-L $65.00 - Click to Order
(same style larger with more fruit)

Go Big Red! Badger State's Pride w/Bucky Badger Shaped Cheese

Bucky Badger gift includes Bucky Badger shaped mild cheddar cheese, heavy cuts of Wisconsin Swiss, Calico, Monterey Jack, Colby and Mild Cheddar cheeses along with Wisconsin Sausages. Great assortment for the big game!

CB-19 $48.95 - Click to Order

Wisconsin Cheese & Sausage

Wisconsin mild cheddar cheese, 5 oz. sausage, crackers, 16 oz. Sprecher Root Beer,knife and cow pie milk chocolate nut & caramel treat.

WI-C $24.95 - Click to Order

Fruit Temptations

Healthy fresh fruit sure to make an impression. Grapes for local delivery orders. Substitution will made for shipping. 19 pieces of fruit & grapes

BW-FT $45.00 - Click to Order

Fruit & Gourmet Extravaganza

Gourmet treats and fresh fruit fill this beautiful basket. Milk chocolate & caramel covered pecans, cheese spread, cookies, Wisconsin cheese, sausage, crackers and lots of fresh fruit. Perfect for all occasions. {Grapes for local deliveries only}

FG-M $84.95 - Click to Order
(shown in photo)
FG-S $54.95 - Click to Order
(fruit, cookies & chocolates only)
FG-L $125.00 - Click to Order
(larger basket with more treats)

Fruit Classic

The right amount of fresh fruit for the perfect price. Grapes for local delivery only substitutions for grapes for shipping. 12 pieces plus grapes

BR-1 $35.00 - Click to Order

Something for Everyone

6-way variety pack contains jumbo cashews, deluxe mixed nuts, honey roasted peanuts, pistachios, chocolate peanuts & raisins.

N-150 $24.95 - Click to Order

Football Fun with nuts.

Helmet shaped green & gold cheese, root beer, nuts, Green Bay Puddles, frosted pretzels in a fun football shaped basket.

FB-N $35.95 - Click to Order

Wisconsin Favorites

Eastshore pretzels & mustard,cheddar popcorn,sausage,cheddar cheese, crackers, 2 sprecher root beers, chocolate covered pretzels, cow pies, Jelly Belly, variety of cookies, carmel corn & cashews dipped in fudge, popcorn covered in white fudge and almonds.

WS-4 $69.95 - Click to Order
WS-FR $82.95 - Click to Order
(basket pictured and 10 pieces of fruit added)

Executive Plus

16 pieces of fruit, 2- 7 oz sausages, 2- 8 oz cheese spreads, white chocolate pretzels, milk chocolate covered pretzels, 4 Ghirardelli squares, crackers and cheese knife. {Grapes for local deliveries only}

EX-2 $69.95 - Click to Order
(shown in photo)
EX-1 $42.95 - Click to Order
(smaller basket less cheese, chocolate &sausage)

Designer Pasta Bowl

Designer ceramic pasta bowl filled with all the fixings to make a Italian dinner. Including pasta, Pasta sauce, extra virgin olive oil , Italian waffle cookies

PASTA $50.00 $45.00 - Click to Order

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